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    • Adroid Programming

      This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the design and implementation of Android applications for handheld systems, such as smartphones and tablets...MORE

    • Introduction to PHP and MySQL Programming

      PHP is a widely used programming language which works on the principal of server side scripting to produce dynamic Web pages. It can be easily integrated with HTML and SQL to produce these dynamic web pages, and is often used to process the contents of a Web page form as it is more secure and reliable than JavaScript. ... MORE

    • .NET Web Developer

      In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of building interactive, dynamic web applications using the .NET framework.The essentials of the framework using either C# or VB.NET - with examples and exercises provided in both - and get an introduction to the .NET base class library. Then, move on to ASP.NET and learn to put your skills to use building interactive, feature-rich web pages... MORE

  • Integrated ERP Solution
    Education & Hospitals Sectors

    • Fee Management

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      Administrators can easily use this school fee management system to create dynamic fee structures defining the type of fee to be collected from a specific grade and the time of collection.... MORE

    • Payroll Management

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      Payroll and Accounts professionals to maximize their potential through timely and accurate Salary Processing, efficient handling of Reimbursements.... MORE

    • Time-Table

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      A time-table is very crucial for educational institutions and schools. We have found an effective solution to the problem of adjusting time tables in a simple and economic way... MORE

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